F R O M   T H E    P R E S I D E N T –

Welcome back from any break you may have enjoyed: now the work REALLY starts!

The days are ticking down towards Show Week, and as they go the Waikato Show takes on a more concrete existence.  We have still more in the way of new Show Partners, which is absolutely terrific, as each one adds a new aspect to what the general public will experience, making the whole event more memorable.

Anyone who was involved six years ago, when the New Waikato Show kicked off with a return to our community roots, will probably have noticed that each year we take up more space at Claudelands, which is a great state of affairs to be in!

The ultimate goal is, of course, to cover the whole of the venue and most of the adjacent outdoor space as well with things to do, things to see, things to learn.  After all, we are all about education in the end.

FOOD to the FORE at Waikato Show April 2017
Enjoying homegrown – a family affair

Words & photos – many thanks to Geoff Lewis
(Photo above: Tash McGowan with her preservative-free Strawberry Jam)

Out in the community, there is a ground swell of people who love cooking and putting their hand to
making tasty cuisine in the kitchen.

There is a real resurgence, in returning to the ways of old, in enjoying the benefits
of growing and preserving produce.

The Waikato Show (Claudelands, April 7 – 9, 2017) has provided the opportunity for growers, preservers and foodies alike to showcase what they can produce, and be in to win, in their annual Food Competitions.

Food competition organiser, Tash McGowan and brother-in-law Mike Posa, are two examples.

Tash, founder of Homegrown Harvest enjoys making things herself. This year, she took advantage of the pre-Christmas strawberry serge, to make one of her favourite sweet preserves – strawberry jam.

”Five-hundred grams of strawberries, a bit of sugar and lemon juice and it’s fresher and cheaper than what you’d buy in the supermarket.  And there’s no preservatives!”

The Waikato Show’s Food Competition received entries of marmalade and jams, in all sorts of berries and fruits, along with loads of tasty savoury delights from chutneys and preserves to black garlic sauce.

”The competition attracts people who enjoy producing their own food and is also about encouraging our community and kids to develop their skills around growing and producing food for themselves,” Tash said.

While Tash likes things sweet, home gardener Mike Posa likes it hot. Over the past few seasons he has focused on chilli’s and developing a recipe for what he calls ”every man’s chilli sauce” – not blow-your-head-off hot, but ”approachable” enough to grab your attention and make an ideal complement to sandwiches, cold meats and even grilled chicken.   ”You can buy plenty of sauces off the shelf but I just wanted to use what I’d grown.”

Mike has, so far, used the popular Jalapeno chilli but has planted the Sweet Hungarian Yellow variety this year and has his taste-buds set on a blend with hot Cayenne peppers.  He also makes a point of recycling; using existing glass to bottle his sauce. He’s now looking for suitably natty labels.

In its second year, the food competition features in the Homegrown Harvest section of the Waikato Show, which celebrates food produced locally and at home.

Homegrown Harvest includes an artisan food market, the food competitions and the spade to spatula fiesta, which is an interactive experience including kitchen and garden demonstrations, advice and tips.

This really is a unique attraction for enthusiasts of food, produce and product alike.  Spade to Spatula will leave visitors inspired and enthused with new ideas for their home, from the base of the earth to the top of the pantry.

Guests for 2017 include Aaron Brunet, winner of MasterChef 2013, who is now a plant powered foodie helping NZ to enjoy whole, delicious, plant based foods. Editor of NZ Garden Magazine, Lynda Hallinan, will also join the team with her vast expertise in all things gardening from her expert knowledge of flowers and planting, to producing and preserving stone fruits in the harvest season.

For the 2017 food competitions, Kings Seeds has very kindly donated Rampicante Marrow seeds for a schools-based Marvellous Marrow growing section.

Among the other vegetable growing and preserves sections, there will be the popular apple pie bake and the all new cake decorating section supported by Hamilton business Cake and Kitchen.

Amateur cake decorators can rest assured there are beginner, amateur and professional categories in this section and some fantastic prizes, so it is well worth entering.

If you are interested in entering the food competitions in April 2017,
find out more at: www.homegrownharvest.org.nz
or email Tash at: hello@homegrownharvest.org.nz

(Photo below: Pike Posa with his “Every Man’s Chilli Sauce“)

W A I K A T O   S H O W   M E R C H A N D I S E   A V A I L A B L E

Umbrellas (black/red/blue & white) – $35.00 each

Baseball Caps (black/blue/tan/red) one size fits all – velcro strap adjustment – $25.00 each

Bucket Hats (orange/red/pink/white/blue) childs size – $25.00 each

Drink Bottles (black/silver/blue) – $20.00 each

Enquiries to:
Email: admin@waikatoshow.co.nz – phone 07 855 7739

Clubs Showcase:

Welcome back from a well-earned break for Christmas!  Hopefully the New Year is going well.

We are already well underway with more exhibitors confirmed (fifteen thus far), 30 or so interested parties, and a mountain of contacts to continue working through. So, the overall Showcase is looking like another healthy slice of the club and creative communities here in the Waikato.  The Performance space is also slowly filling, with 16 of our 39 performance slots already filled and more on the boil.

Looking ahead – 2½ months to April, the Showcase is ready to go NOW, we are just continuing to add more depth to our community of exhibitors for the best possible outcome for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Contact email: alfs@hnpl.net or phone: 0220 648 087


click here:


Connect with Customers ~
Engage with the Community

With a wide range of Wellbeing-themed exhibitors, this special show
offers something for everyone.

The Wellbeing Waikato Show enables our community to discover the amazing wealth of health and wellbeing products, services and organisations available in the region.

Last year nearly 16,000 people attended the Waikato Show.

The Wellbeing Waikato Show is located just after the popular Home Expo and the interactive Clubs & Creativities Showcase to create a continuous attractive exhibition space.

To reflect a diverse and vibrant wellness community, a wide variety of exhibitors is attending, including:

    • Community health & wellbeing
    • Complementary and Holistic health
    • Fitness & Nutrition
    • Health professionals
    • Skincare and health products
    • And others, such as financial health services

For more information or to become involved in the 2016 Wellbeing Waikato Show, contact Annette:
Ph  07 8555 123      |     Txt  022 5 855 123
Email : WellbeingShow@InsightEndometriosis.org.nz

– F O O D   C O M P E T I T I O N S –

Calling all bakers, gardeners and preservers, this is your chance to shine!

The Waikato Show (Claudelands, 7-9 April, 2017) invites you to showcase what you can produce
and be in to win, at their annual Food Competition.

For keen gardeners, there is the Garden Bounty Basket category, which requires a selection of three different items produced from your garden.  It’s also about preserving the crop with categories for the best jam, chutney, sauce and more.

And bakers it’s time to start practising your pie baking for the Pick Me! Apple Pie Bake.
New in 2017 is the Cake & Kitchen Best Decorated Cake categories.

The food competition is held in the Homegrown Harvest section of the show, which celebrates food produced locally and at home.  Homegrown Harvest also includes an artisan food market and the spade to spatula fiesta, featuring kitchen and garden demonstrations, advice and tips.   Guests for 2017 include Lynda Hallinan with her expertise in all things gardening from her vast knowledge of flowers and planting, to preserving stone fruits in harvest season.

Get to work in your garden and kitchen this summer and reap the rewards at Homegrown Harvest.
For more details and competition entry forms go to:

Exciting new adventures are part of Te Papanui Earth Matters this year.

On display at the expo is a new initiative just for children – Kirikiriroa Explorers.

This new local initiative seeks to engage our children in the wonder of Kirikiriroa’s ecology, with after school field trips and education during the term and programmes throughout the school holidays.

Whānau and parents are invited to join the expo, find out more and get a taste of the
opportunities possible for their children.

Also on show at the expo will be Hamilton’s first clothes library!

Sharing what we have and making the best use of our creative production has never been so important.

With a little sharing, you can be sheik, snazzy and hip without costing our environment a cent!

Our Earth is crying out for our care and creativity.

Te Papanui Earth Matters is set to inspire you and our community in many hopeful directions!

The Waikato Environment Centre would like to acknowledge the continued generous
support received from Trust Waikato.

Te Papanui Earth Matters is organised by –
Waikato Environment Centre

PO Box 19-104, Hamilton 3244
Phone: 07 839 4452
242 Peachgrove Road, Five Cross Roads, Hamilton

We are delighted to announce financial support for 2017 from the following funders:

Trust Waikato, The Len Reynolds Trust, WEL Energy Trust & the Tindall Foundation.

The programme is taking shape nicely with among others Garden to Table joining us in Homegrown Harvest to demonstrate and prepare an easy lunch snack with the students.

The hot favourite from last year in the Clubs and Creativity Showcase was  Parkour Hamilton who are returning to challenge the students with their balance and physical problem solving.

Two entire schools have already booked to attend from Hamilton and beyond, and we look forward to further registrations once the first school term for 2017 is under way.

contact email: schoolprog@waikatoshow.co.nz Phone: 021 265 2270

Huge Youth focus at Waikato Show
Words & photo credit: Geoff Lewis

Hamilton youth base Te Ahurei a Rangatahi are the driving force behind the new Youth Expo at this year’s Waikato Show.

Te Ahurei a Rangatahi is a youth health and development organisation offering educational, promotional and social service initiatives to young people and their whanau in the Hamilton region.

In operation for 20 years and based in the Zeal building, in central Hamilton, Te Ahurei a Rangatahi provides its range of services and events to the Hamilton-wide community. Youth Health promoter, Harmz de Thierry, said the organisation was looking forward to the opportunity of providing a youth presence at the show.

”We have three areas to use – a Youth Expo which will be held in the Heaphy Room at Claudelands. This will give us the room to showcase young entrepreneurs in a creative and vibrant space with things like jewelry, tee-shirts, canvasses, stickers etc. What we find amazing is that there are so many schools offering business classes but the students often don’t have anywhere to sell their products and promote their ideas and themselves. This is their chance.”

Te Ahurei a Rangatahi Kaiarahi, Eugene Davis, said the group was approached to strengthen the youth component of the show. ”It’s about creating a great cultural vibe and celebrating the creativeness and entrepreneurial spirit of young people, boosting the creative aspect, business opportunities and sharing ideas. We know the concepts we would like to see in the expo and we have very keen young people coming.”

Part of the entrepreneurial show will be the availability of business mentors and other experienced business people to help young people make the most of their ideas.

The Skate Competition is the second aspect. Organised in conjunction with Diana Ruri – who is behind efforts to establish a second major skate park in Hamilton.

Thirdly, for all the budding performers, an outdoor stage will be located near the Cultural Village and be the focus for song, dance and spoken-word performances.

Te Ahurei is keen to hear from any young people interested in being part of any of these events – Youth Expo, Skate Comp or Stage Performance. Anyone interested in the Skate Competition should contact Diana Ruri on htownskateproject@gmail.com or hamiorad@teahurei.co.nz for the Youth Expo and performance events.

Photo l- r: Budding performer, Keanu Hopa-Solomon, with Te Ahurei a Rangatahi youth health promoter Harmz de Thierry and manager Eugene Davis.


Summer is such a rewarding time in the garden.
We see the fruits of our labours after our careful spring planting and watering.
It’s great picking such a range of produce directly from your garden at this time of year.
We’ve been enjoying potatoes, beans, zucchini and lettuce by the barrow load!

Summer Soil Care
It is worth keeping soil care in mind during summer, as the better our soil, the better out maintained harvest long term.  Here are a few tips I’ve picked up around summer soil care.

Coffee Grounds
With their high nutrient content, coffee grounds can be used to help your garden thrive. They are naturally acidic and high in nitrogen magnesium and potassium, making them a great choice for alkaline soils or nutrient-poor gardens.

You can:
* Add them to your compost
* Use them to keep pests out of your garden.  Deter snails and cats by lightly sprinkling the coffee grounds around the base of the plants as a wall of protection.   Make a solid ring of grounds a bit further away from the base to avoid adding too much acidic content close to your plants.  You’ll also keep your wanted garden friends happy because worms love them!
* Add them directly to your garden as a soil conditioner.  Here’s how: Add a pinch of lime (rich in calcium) to the coffee grounds to introduce alkaline and balance them as it works against the acidity in the coffee grounds.   Now you can add the coffee grounds directly to your garden as a mulch or soil conditioner.
* Blueberries and citrus fruits like coffee grounds added to their soil.
* They benefit tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers by protecting them from potential fungal infections.

Blood and Bone
I picked up this helpful tip from Lynda Hallinan for tomato soil care.  She adds a light sprinkle of blood and bone to the soil at the base of her tomato plants a few times during their growing season, which I’ve adopted for the first time this spring/summer.   I have to say the health of my plants has remained strong throughout.  Any tip I can use to keep blight at bay I’ll gladly use, and healthy plants are stronger against disease.

Attention to compost
As the optimum goal for garden soil is to contain 25% air, taking the time to turn your compost and work air through it is really valuable.  When I’m adding dry matter I give it a turn through to ensure it’s aerated.

Beautiful Blueberries
I always enjoy Blueberry season.  I just can’t get enough of these succulent blue beauties!  Each year we pick blueberries as a family and, after eating a whole lot fresh, I freeze a quantity to use in smoothies and baking.  Here’s an easy and really versatile muffin recipe to enjoy:

Blueberry Muffins

1 Cup frozen blueberries
1 Cup brown sugar
½ Cup grapeseed oil
2 Eggs
1 ¼ Cups plain or fruit yoghurt – or unsweetened or dairy free yoghurt such as coconut yoghurt
1 Tsp vanilla essence
¼ Tsp salt
2 Cups flour –for gluten free use 1 Cup fine cornmeal and 1 Cup rice flour (this is what I use with success)
3 Tsp baking powder – or gluten free baking powder
1 Tsp cinnamon


  1. Measure sugar and oil into a food processor and process until smooth. Add eggs and process again until the mixture is light and creamy looking.
  2. Pour in yoghurt, vanilla and salt. Process until mixed.
  3. Measure in flour, baking powder and cinnamon and process in short bursts until there are no lumps. Remove processor blade and add blueberries, stirring by hand just enough to mix them evenly through.
  4. Non-stick spray 12 regular muffin pans then divide the mixture evenly into them.
  5. Bake in oven preheated to 200 degrees C for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.
    Leave to stand for 4 to 5 minutes once out of the oven before removing from the pans.

Makes 12 medium sized muffins.


to be a part of this, please contact – Classic Promotions
Private Bag 2001 Akaroa

Russell Poppe

Phone 03 304 7172 – Fax 03 304 8934
Email info@antiquefairs.co.nz

Web www.antiquefairs.co.nz

Are you renovating, building, decorating or upgrading your home? 

Then make sure you visit the Autumn HomeXPO.

The Autumn HomeXPO has everything you need under one roof.

Fresh ideas and fabulous new products for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoors
and everywhere else in your home.

The Autumn HomeXPO is held in association with the Waikato Show.

The HomeXPO is the first hall you will walk through when you enter the Waikato Show.

Save the date now: 7-9 April.

See you at the Autumn HomeXPO at the Waikato Show 7 – 9 April 2017
at Claudelands Events Centre in Hamilton.

For further info go to www.autumnhomexpo.co.nz

Rampicante Marrow Growing tips

Have you begun growing your Rampicante Marrow’s yet for the
Marvellous Marrow Competition Category?

It’s a perfect time to plant your seeds now, as the soil is warmer making it easier for the
hard husk of the seed to germinate.
You may only need a few plants as marrows are large, spreading plants and will take up
considerable space in your garden.

My seedlings are coming along well, and I’ve just transferred them from my seed trays; where I planted the seeds in seed raising mix.  They are now in my garden with plenty of room around them for growth.  They are hungry feeders and will need to be well watered and fertilised.  A tip for watering is to water them first thing in the morning while the soil is cool.
Try not to water them in the evening as the water will sit on their leaves overnight and they could develop mildew.  Make sure to water around the base of the plant and not too close to the roots and they may become over wet and rot or be susceptible to mildew.
Another good tip is to add mulch under the plant while it is growing before fruiting, as this will help it retain moisture.
Feed with liquid fertilizer once the seedlings appear, flowers appear, and fruits begin to form.  I recommend a balanced liquid soluble fertilizer, which you can make yourself from organic matter such as coffee grounds, seaweed, comfrey, or horse manure.

Make sure you keep in touch and send us your pics of your Rampicante Marrow plants!
Send them to tonydixon@xtra.co.nz

FREE SEEDS GIVEAWAY – To encourage your vegetable growing skills Homegrown Harvest have some Rampicante Marrow seeds to giveaway thanks to Kings Seeds. It’s the perfect time for planting, so get in quick!
Email Tash to order yours at hello@homegrownharvest.org.nz.

B A T T L E S !

As we roll forward towards the Waikato Show, with fewer than 77 days remaining before The Off, the Regiment is currently planning for a spot of warmongering, wot, aka producing the Sinews of War, to wit, flour-bombs and replacement paper swords.  There is quite the pile of both required over the course of the Show, so some investment of time is certainly required.

One is also examining the possibilities behind construction of a suitably Imperial Obstacle Course for use between battles, to keep the blood running hot for battle, and to give a more complete experience for those taking part, adults and children alike. Yes, adults do this too!  More on that as it comes to hand.

This year we still intend to essay an attempt at a record example of “Dying by the Numbers”, especially as one of our artificers has produced a rather fine prop that will add some spice to the event.  This is an exercise that forms a portion of the Regiment’s educational undertakings when we work with schools regarding the Great War 1914-1918.

We need around 450 volunteers to take part, and will run it as and when numbers allow, each day of the Show. Contact email: alfs@hnpl.net phone: 07 855 3851

The schedule is coming together, and we’ll welcome some favourites back this year like Mr Roberelli (pictured above) and his children’s entertainment on Friday and the Mosaic Choir (pictured below) on Sunday.

We hope to have the schedule available at the end of February, so watch this space!
contact: email: saltcollective@orcon.net.nz phone: 021 265 2270