Words & photo: Geoff Lewis

Rototuna mum, Kerryn Ferguson and her daughters Zoe (9) and Caitlyn (7) enjoy music thanks to the Hamilton Community Centre of Music.

The three are not unusual in the centre – which has more than 300 students and often attracts older students returning to music and, in Kerryn’s case, with her children.

“I grew up in Gisborne and studied violin, until I was about 14, in classical and a bit of Celtic Scottish style. I got back into it at the centre about three years ago. I’d always been interested and my older sister, Michelle, started playing cello and that encouraged me too.”

Kerryn and her daughters had seen the centre’s orchestra perform on several occasions and, about a year ago, Zoe was enrolled to study flute and Caitlyn violin. Both would like to join the orchestra.

“The advantage of the HCCM is that it meets on Saturday mornings, so there’s no rushing around after school. There‚Äôs also the great opportunity to take part in ensembles and the orchestra. There are plenty of opportunities, depending on where your interests lie, and it is affordable,” Kerryn said.

The HCCM caters mostly to children and includes at least 25 families. About 10 – 15 per cent of its students are older people, often returning to re-learn instruments later in life or learning something new.

To help raise awareness of the service it provides, the Hamilton Community Centre of Music will host a stand in the Clubs and Creativity section of the Waikato Show, Claudelands, April 7 – 9.