A note from the General Manager…

The most common question I get asked in this role is “What do you do the rest of the year?” and my message is always the same:  We’re planning, planning, planning. Different times of the year equal different types of planning, and the reality is without a plan, we don’t have a show worth anything of value.  February is very much the ‘nitty gritty’, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

This year will be the biggest Waikato Show, we’ve created.  This has been a massive team effort, we’re all excited and looking forward to seeing it all come together on the day. So, put your hands together and pray for fine weather!

I’m thrilled to add merchandise this year; make sure you get yourself a drink bottle and a cap, or a hat for the kids, and if worse comes to worse, you can pick up an umbrella as well, from the information desk.

This is also the time of year I start calling out for help.  There are a great many jobs that you can do, to help us and we would love to have helpful people on our team.

Keep an eye and ear out for our ads, they should be starting in the next few weeks.  If you have a fence that would look delightful with a Waikato Show sign on it, let me know and we’ll get one put up.  And if you have a shop that would like to support our show, we have posters that can fit in your window.

Thanks heaps for your support.  Can’t wait to see you at the Show!
Kind regards,
Carina Dooley
General Manager
Waikato Show – Building a Stronger Community
We are now a Registered Charity CC53565
Ask me about our 3,000 Show Bags, special thanks to EVES REALTY!


V O L U N T E E R S   R E Q U I R E D

If you would like to be a part of the Waikato Show Volunteer Team this year –
we welcome your enthusiasm be it helping with surveys, assisting people throughout the venue,
rubbish control and many other jobs; the list is endless!
please email our wonderful volunteer co-ordinator: shelagh@waikatoshow.co.nz or
phone the office 07 855 7739 to register your interest


Te Papanui – Earth Matters
is co-ordinated by the Waikato Enviro Centre
Contact: anna@envirocentre.org.nz phone 0223 546 550 or 07 8394452


Many ways to be a part of the YOUTH EXPO
at the Waikato Show!

Youth Expo: promoting this space to schools and youth artists, designers etc displaying their creative wares.

Skate Comp: the Htown Skate Project team are the facilitators of this space.

Youth Acts: check them out on the main entertainment stage.

Art Work display: had lots of interest about this op from younger Graffiti writers!

Contact: Harmz and Team
Hamiora de Thierry | Harmz One | 3rdRock
Waikato-Tainui | Ngati Porou | Aotearoa

Transformer | Rangatahi Health Educator | Rangatahi Health Promoter | Brother Hood Coordinator | BreakBoy | GraffKid | Microfone Rocker | NativeThought | Z’s UP!!!

Te Ahurei a Rangatahi Trust
Black Castle | Ward Lane | H-Town City | Waikato
PH: 07 8383013 | F: 07 8383015 | E: hamiorad@teahurei.co.nz | E: 3rdrockski@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/teahurei.arangatahi

‘Encouraging young people and their whanau into healthier holistic lifestyles’

‘Kia tuu pakari te hunga rangatahi i roto i ona ake ao
Providing a uniquely Maori service to support rangatahi and their whanau
to take their space and place in a world of diverse realities’


Come and be ringside with the Alpacas competing in their three-day indoor Colourbration Show!
See their beautiful fleeces and stunning products made from these fleeces.



ANIMAL EXPO contact:

Lucy Barclay phone 021 893 929
Email: lucy@thehouseoffood.com


Cultural Village

Contacts: Boris 021 708 277 or Ravinder 0272 483 040

Email: culturalvillagewaikato@gmail.com



Chris Hattingh phone 021 388 531
Email: chris.hattingh@waikatoregion.govt.nz
Justin Douglas phone: 021 534 273
Email: justin.douglas@waikatoregion.govt.nz



click here:



Don’t miss The Purple Walk !

WEDNESDAY 8th of MARCH 2017 from 5.30pm
Co-ordinated by Insight Endometriosis
(co-ordinators of the Wellbeing Show)

Grab your friends and family (and the dog), round up your workmates or sports team!
Then, sign up for the 9th annual Purple Walk for Endometriosis at the picturesque Hamilton Lake, for a party atmosphere, and help raise awareness of this significant condition affecting at least 10,000 Waikato women.

For just $5 – your registration will also get you in the draw to win $4000 in spot prizes, and you can grab yourself a world-famous-in-the-Waikato goody bag for just $20! And there’s special prizes for the Most Creative Team, and another for Best Dressed Dog!

Co-ordinated by Insight Endometriosis, the Purple Walk will be held on Wednesday 8 March at 5:45pm (Koru warm-up by GAMA Fitness at 5:30) from lakeside Innes Common (near the Yacht Club) around Hamilton Lake (about a 50 minute picturesque walk).

Registration proceeds and goody bag sales will go to local charity, Insight Endometriosis to support their community work with women and teenage girls.

Purple Walk is a fun, healthy and family-friendly way to raise awareness about this significant condition, and a great opportunity to get a group of friends, family or colleagues together to have some fun while supporting a grass-roots community charity.

For more information about Purple Walk and to register:
For more information about endometriosis and local charity, Insight Endometriosis:



P O N Y   R I D E S

at the Waikato Show
will be daily from 11am to 3.30pm

Many thanks to the Hamilton RDA


Antique Fair at Waikato Show

Contact Russell Poppe ph: 0274 372 178
Email: info@antiquefairs.co.nz


contact: Ralph Evans – phone: 0220648 087
Email: admin@clubshowcase.co.nz

website: www.clubshowcase.co.nz



The line-up is filling fast!  Our latest booked performances include:

Arum Aikido Club

Aikido is a self-defence focused Japanese martial art.  The Hamilton based will perform on Saturday morning.


Rhodeworks are three brothers who live on a lifestyle block just out of Hamilton.  They love to play music and each play many different instruments.  They are joined by Mum (Tracy) on bass and Dad (Brucee) on the odd occasion with his rhythm guitar.  Recently awarded the “Frank Winter Award,” at the Auckland Folk festival for excellence in music, they are a lively group and a must see.


We’re busy preparing a feast of flavours for you to enjoy at Homegrown Harvest this April. Enter the Food Competition, stock your pantry with quality artisan and organic fare, view seminars, tips and demo’s, and get your hands on tools, products and seedlings for your own garden. Come along to Waikato’s Autumn Food and Gardening Event celebrating food produced locally and at home.

Preserving the Crop

A few weeks ago I was given over 6 kilos of beautiful red plums, yum!  After we’d eaten ourselves silly with the things, I thought I’d better find a way to keep the rest to enjoy in the cooler months.  I’ve been a jam maker, but preserving would be a first for me.  (I did years ago help my Grandma and Mum peel and de-stone the peaches for their preserving efforts, but wasn’t allowed near the syrup making and actual preserving end of the operation!).  Here’s what I did:

  • First I washed my jars, lids and seals. I then put the jars into the dishwasher on a 100 degree C cycle for 30 minutes. I boiled the lids and seals in a pot of water for five minutes.  I kept the jars in the dishwasher to keep them hot until I was ready to fill them.
  • I washed the plums and halved them, removing the stones. Actually quite an easy fruit to prepare, no peeling, win!  I went with the 1kg of fruit will fill a 1 litre preserving jar quantity guide.  Worked a treat.
  • I made a light syrup using 3 parts water to 1 part sugar. I used raw sugar (and a bit of castor sugar if I’m honest to top up the amount as I was a bit short on my quantities).  I brought the sugar and water to the boil and simmered for five minutes.
  • I then put the plums into the simmering syrup in batches, being careful not to overcook them. I left them in for about one minute.  I’d heard that once they are at the skin just splitting stage they are ready for bottling.
  • I then put my rubber gloves on and pulled the jars out of the dishwasher, filling them with the plums carefully. I then ladled in the syrup right to the top of the jar.   I also remembered to use a clean cloth to wipe off any spills around the top so I’d get a good seal.
  • Then I put the hot seals on and screwed up the bands.
  • After this I then proceeded to watch the seals every 5 minutes to see if they were sinking to seal! After 12 hours the lids had become concave which means the jars successfully sealed.   I’ve stored in a cool, dark place.


The Graham Hannah Award of Excellence

All stands at the Waikato Show will be judged for the overall best stand award.
The judges this year will be Mark Bunting and Noel Gleeson.

There is one winner for each section; eg – HomeXPO, Wellbeing, Clubs, Animal Expo etc. Then, all these winners are judged again for the Grand Prize – the Graham Hannah Exhibitor Award.

The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge the exhibitors contribution to the showcasing of the Waikato region and, overall, how they have presented their business through their show stand at the Waikato Show.

The award is to honour the involvement and value that Graham Hannah has brought to the Waikato/Hamilton region through the creation and organisation of the HomeXPO and the Waikato Home and Garden Show.

This is our second Waikato Show without Graham and he is greatly missed…