Words & photo: Geoff Lewis

The Waikato Show’s Schools Day Out programme is an opportunity too good to miss, say Fairfield Primary School deputy principals Rob Newton and Lisa Deane.

The Schools Day Out is a free one-day learning programme open to all primary and intermediate school students in Hamilton and the Waikato.

Students come with their teachers and parents and visit 10 interactive learning stations. These are located throughout the event and display an information board and a hands-on activity in which students can participate.

Fairfield deputy principals, Rob Newton and Lisa Deane, welcomed the Schools Day Out as a great opportunity for their students. ”It’s a fabulous day out for our students, its local and doesn’t cost anything for buses or transport as we can walk there. These are city kids and this gives them a great chance to experience animals first-hand and to learn new vocabulary, words and sentence structures. The words learned can be the basis for further study and research,” Rob said.

The experience is particularly exciting for new immigrant children who have often never seen farm animals up close and don’t need a good grasp of English to enjoy. ”We take the kids out on a trip every term and this is an easy and accessible cost-friendly day out for the whole school. There’s no safety issues as there are always people supervising,” Lisa said.

Fairfield Primary is one of several whole schools attending this year’s show organiser, Tash McGowan, said and will – so far – push numbers of children attending over the 750 mark.

”The aim of the Schools Day Out is to build children’s awareness of their regional identity including its wildlife, agriculture, cultural history and traditions with access to a variety of creative and enterprising activities. Each child receives an A5 booklet which includes facts, information and enjoyable activities in which they can participate as part of a Waikato-themed learning journey,” Tash said.

The Waikato Show’s Schools Day Out can be experienced on Friday April 7 at Claudelands Events Centre.

For more information and to register, email Tash at: schoolprog@waikatoshow.co.nz.