Overall Best Stand at the Waikato Show: Resene Paints Ltd

BEST EXHIBITION STAND winner in each Expo:
HomeXPO: Resene Paints Ltd
General: Fanny Adams
Homegrown Harvest: Vegepod
Youth Expo: Zalamero
Alpaca Colourbration Show: Waters Edge Alpacas
Clubs & Creativity Showcase: Parkour NZ Assn.
Wellbeing Waikato Show: Aspire Community Support
Te Papanui Earth Matters: Ngaa Hua O Te Rito
Antique Fair: Deidre Field
The Waikato Animal Expo: 4 Ur Paws
The Cultural Village: Jean & David Murray
The Safety Expo: Ambulance EMT

TOUCH SCREEN SURVEY  Prize Winners for 2017:
Josh and Nichole Riddell won the $200.00 Joe’s Garage meal vouchers,
sponsored by Rothbury Insurance Brokers.
Paul Bragg is the winner of the prize from Harvey Norman – He won a Sleep Smart bed by Sealy; Stanford Queen Mattress and Base valued at $2,999.00

Home Food Competition Results 2017

Garden Bounty Basket – Open
(a selection of up to three varieties of produce from your garden)
1st – Wendy Girling, 2nd – John Hunter, 3rd – Kathryn Hunter
​​​Garden Bounty Basket – Junior
(a selection of up to 3 varieties of produce from your garden)
1st – Eoghan Harris

Marvellous Marrow – Largest
1st – John Anderson
Marvellous Marrow – Most Marvellous
1st – John Anderson, 2nd – Wendy Girling, 3rd – Oscar McGowan

​PickMee! Apple Pie Bake
1st – Sue Moroney, 2nd – Sam Taylor, 3rd – Shino Ikai

Best Chutney/Relish 1st – Julie Bainbridge, 2nd – Nikki Hunter, 3rd – Rueben Harris
Best Pickle 1st – Pat Marfleet, 2nd – Kathryn Hunter, 3rd – Kathryn Hunter
​Best Pickled Onions 1st – Kathryn Hunter, 2nd – Sheena Harris
Best Pickled Peppers 1st – Kathryn Hunter
​Best Jam 1st – Julie Bainbridge, 2nd – Julie Bainbridge, 3rd – Dennis Leathem
Best Marmalade 1st – Greg Wilson, 2nd – Shirley McGowan, 3rd – Rachel Haggie
Best Preserve 1st – Kathryn Hunter, 2nd – Kathryn Hunter, 3rd – Holly Garnet
Best Savoury Sauce 1st – Denis Leathem, 2nd – Mike Posa, 3rd – Kathryn Hunter

CAKE & KITCHEN Best Decorated Cake
Amateur Cake Decorating Section – for home cake decorators
1st – Adrienne Wilkinson, 2nd – Rototuna School, 3rd – Jess Keown
Professional Cake Decorating Section – for career cake decorators
1st – Maryam Ali, 2nd – Kelz Kraft, 3rd equal – Amanda Torrie & Anna-Lee Austin

SHOE BOX SPACE competition results for 2017
Age 5 – 8 Boys: First Gideon Owen, Second Samuel Linch, Third Benaiah Owen.
Highly Commended Ezra Linch.
Age 5 – 8 Girls: First Indie Lucas, Second Cleo Coleman, Third Maaria Rhind-Clark
Highly Commended Jazlyn Baird, Highly Commended Karlia
Age 9 – 11 Girls: First Cheyenne Dingle, Second Jacinta Reti
Peoples Choice Winner – Indie Lucas
Voting Winner – Jared Hannon

Waikato Show visited by The Prime Minister this year

The Waikato Show certainly lucked the weather between cyclones and pulled 14,500 visitors to three days of interest and sunny fun at Claudelands this month.

This year’s stand-out visitor was Prime Minister Bill English who spent nearly three hours touring the show and presented the prestigious Graham Hannah Award of Excellence – for the overall best stand award – to Resene Paints. This had previously been thoroughly judged, from over 300 exhibitions stands, by Mark Bunting and Tony Dixon.

Show general manager Carina Dooley was delighted at the great turn-out which pitted the traditional show against other major public events in Hamilton held on the same weekend. ”We’re really happy with visitor numbers and the new aspects of the show give us a solid foundation for building new attractions in coming years.”

This year’s Waikato Show, in conjunction with the Autumn HomeXPO, featured popular new sections including a Youth Expo and an Animal Expo with “park-a-pooch” plans; which allowed dog owners to bring their pets to the show and leave them in safety while they explored what else was on offer at this massive event.

The Youth Expo, organised by the Hamilton youth health and development organisation, Te Ahurei a Rangatahi, provided a point of interest including graphic design, entertainment and skate boarding to children and younger people visiting the show.

The Homegrown Harvest section, designed to encourage home gardeners to show their best horticultural efforts, was on a roll and attracted twice as many entries as last year. Local members of parliament even entered the Apple Pie Bake.

Schools Day Out, a mainstay of opening day Friday, attracted more than 1200 students, teachers and helpers this year.

Show president Ralph Evans said the show has a great ”vibe” and he was very optimistic for its future. ”The Youth Expo organisers and exhibitors learned a lot and are already talking about what they can do next year. The family stage, environment-oriented Te Papanui Earth Matters and Cultural Village went extremely well, while new things like cake decorating produced fantastic results.”

The Farmyard has become an annual focus for local city children who can view and touch animals from kunekune piglets to a mammoth donkey and everything in between. Gavin the goose did not disappoint.

The Antiques Fair gave show-goers the opportunity to check out yesteryear’s valued mementos.

Evans paid special tribute to the more than 1000 volunteers whose efforts make things possible in the show’s numerous sections. ”They run sites, build displays, greet visitors to the show, answer a myriad of questions every day: they have an enormous impact on what we do. In terms of volunteer labour, there is a huge investment in this uniquely Waikato occasion over the weekend.”

Meanwhile, Waikato Show organisers urge Hamilton and Waikato residents to consider entering its competitions next year. ”Things like Homegrown Harvest – with its sections for traditional preserves, pie-baking, cake decorating and garden produce – all need to be prepared ahead of time and we will be putting out useful information, recipes and tips on our website during the year,” Dooley said.

Other show highlights included the well-supported Wellbeing Show with over 46 exhibitors, the Clubs & Creativity Showcase and The Safety Expo with guidance on risk prevention and safety in disasters. Children and the big kids enjoyed Mahons Amusement rides in the fabulous weather and many overseas visitors were spotted patting an Alpaca in the North Island Colourbration indoor show.

Roll on the second weekend in April 2018; keep it free for this boundless adventure with “something for everyone!”

Geoff Lewis


Waikato Winter Show Association RAFFLE
Executive Member, Jenny Haultain, put together a beautiful Easter Basket.
This was won by James Maher and family from Cambridge.

A Word from the President

Hi all, hopefully everyone who put in so much effort towards the Show has taken the time to draw breath and recharge their batteries: well done everyone, it was a triumph once again!

The Waikato Show is very much about bringing the various elements of the Waikato community together in one place, so there is still a lot of room to develop, because as I said last year, we are not an island; we exist as a part of a hugely diverse community that is steadily growing, so the opportunities are many and varied.  It makes both the Waikato in general, and our Show in particular, rather special, and quite unique.

This is the time for me to publicly thank everyone for their hard work; remember that even on the most difficult day your efforts have been appreciated, and were vital for the success of this hugely popular, outstandingly unique Community Event.  In particular I want to acknowledge the sheer hard labour of our office staff and volunteers, who do all the thankless “behind-the-scenes” things making it possible for the Show to happen at all.  Without you there is NO SHOW.  Thank you everyone, you know who you are!

Looking ahead, plans are already underway for the 2018 Show, so if you have an idea to discuss, now is the time to do it.  If anyone wants to volunteer their time and/or expertise, please contact the Waikato Show office, they would love to hear from you.

And remember to like us on FaceBook, as well as locating the FaceBook pages and websites of our partners who are co-ordinating specific parts of the Show.  Let’s see if we can’t get the ENTIRE population of Hamilton through the gates this coming year – only 60,000 people per day!

Ralph Evans

HUGE THANKS to the Show Planners –

To the people who co-ordinate each individual expo at the Waikato Show – your contribution is, without doubt,
a massive undertaking and we can’t have a show without you.
There are lots of people in the background too and we thank you all but namely:

HomeXPO; Rebecca Hannah, Carmel Jones, Dona & Gavin White & Georgina de Jong
All About the Books; Su Bradburn
Homegrown Harvest; Tash McGowan & Kathryn Hunter
Youth Expo; Harmz de Thierry, Eugene Davis & Nichola Te Kiri
Alpaca Colourbration Show; Mary-Ann Pruden & Wendy Johnstone
Clubs & Creativity Showcase & Childrens Battles; Ralph Evans
Wellbeing Waikato Show; Annette Evans
Te Papanui Earth Matters; Anna Cox & Sonia Fursdon
Antique Fair; Russell Poppe
The Waikato Animal Expo; Lucy Barclay & Cherie Baker
The Cultural Village; Boris Samujh, Ravinder Powar, Frank Jeanplong & Linda Gee
The Safety Expo; Justin Douglas & Chris Hattingh
Mahons Amusements; John Mahon, Liz & Paul Mahon
The Farmyard; Jim Keyte, Don & Jocelyn Charleston
Skate Zone; Diana Ruri and Htown Skate Project
Photographers; Leanne Roughton & Meli Berends
Press Releases; Geoff Lewis

MAIN SPONSORS: Eves Realty, Rothbury Insurance Brokers, Harvey Norman.

MAIN FUNDERS: The Tindall Foundation, WEL Energy Trust, Trust Waikato, Len Reynolds Trust

Clubs & Creativity Showcase

Well, here we are in May, and bookings have already opened for Showcase 2018 (only 11 months away), the weekend AFTER Easter this time, just to keep us hopping.  Sounds like a lot of time, but a surprising amount needs to get done between now and then.

Having said that, it has been good to take a couple of weeks to tidy up most of the loose ends, while actively NOT thinking about Shows.  Well, perhaps a little.  Three 4-day weeks in a row has been quite nice.

The fourth Showcase went well, and we were happy with the engagement levels of our Exhibitors: well done to you all, some days it can be difficult interacting with the Public.  And a particular pat on the back to NZ Parkour who won Best Site In Show for our Expo of the overall event: all plaudits due, and from what I hear it was a tight finish!  I look forward to finding out who the winner will be for 2018.

Our third try at the Performance Area was another real hit with the audience.  We worked alongside the Cultural Village Performers as well as our own exhibitors, so Saturday and Sunday were really popping.  Male Voices Choir (Exhibitors) performed in one of the Saturday afternoon slots, and filled the hall once again, as did both Drifters rock ‘n’ Roll and the New Nature Chinese Ensemble!  As the Showcase Co-ordinator the sheer variety of talent and enthusiasm that was on display to the community made it all very worthwhile.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Showcase in April 2018!!

And the final bit of news is that the Showcase now has its own web presence at – take a look!

Third TIGER HUNT successful / Full Bag duly gathered

 (An extract from the Alf Communiqué)
As you will be aware, if you attended the Waikato Show with a child over 4, the Regiment ran the Third Great Waikato Tiger Hunt in the Clubs & Creativity Showcase.  Alas, we were unable to use actual tigers, due to some issues or other with health and safety, so we made do with suitable images.

   Some 500+ entry forms were duly distributed over the three days of the Show, six tigers were repeatedly located at various points, and entries stuffed in The Box.  And believe me, The Box was chock-a-block with entries, similar numbers to 2016.

   The Draw was duly performed on Friday 21 April and the winner was:

Reggae Emery (pictured right)

   Congratulations Reggae, we hope you and your mater and pater enjoy the visit to Hamilton Zoo!  And that the actual tigers play ball and show themselves for your visit.

Children’s Battles
aka Operation Claude VI: Once More Unto the Breach

I say, almost a month gone since the engagements that made up Operation Claude VI, and one is still removing flour, wot!  The Military Advisors (all brevetted up a rank for the purposes of the engagements)  did well, running a continuous series of skirmishes and trainings over the course of the three days, ensuring that anyone who was willing was able to take the field properly prepared.  The usual manufacturing of the various materiéls of war, aka mountains of flourbombs and great piles of paper swords, to keep the troops supplied took place in the weekends preceding the Waikato Show.

There was a spot of mannequin-shooting, along with the obligatory flour bombery, to keep the Chaps busy in between basic training and the battles themselves.  Sadly, due to an unexpected issue with nets, the Obstacle Course had to be heavily modified for this year: something to look forward to in 2018.

Friday, being the Schools Day Out saw a frantic rotation of school groups as they variously reached us for some 3½ hours, whilst both Saturday and Sunday consisted of a constant stream of smaller skirmishes, combatants rotating in as they were trained, and rotating out as parents were leaving.  And still we are aiming for the record of 500+ in a single battle!

And so to plans for 2018: we will be back, but hopefully more closely associated with the family entertainments area and Cultural Village, so that both the food and the “free stuff” are kept together as more of a destination, much like years 1-3 were.  Manufacturing of the sinews of war will begin once the Regiment has completed Operations Overreach, Mudlark, and Armourplate – about mid-November.

Look out the Fifth Waikato Dragoons on FaceBook and start following the Operation Claude event, or follow us with Eventfinda, but whatever you do, DON’T FORGET: 6-8 April 2018!