Life-size Foosball

Life-size foosball is a huge amount of fun the whole family and it’s free!

Childrens Battles

 Operation Claude VI: Over The Top

Organised loosely on military lines, Alf’s Imperial Army has Regiments in several New Zealand towns and cities and fights its battles using strictly non-harmful weapons. The army’s aim is to educate New Zealanders about history and have fun along the way.

The procedure is already well-tried […]

Welcome to the Farmyard!

Come and meet all the animals… Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Farmyard is an interactive pen, where you can touch, hug, and even feed the animals.  They’re hand reared, so they’re very friendly.

Some of the animals we will have include alpacas, goats, miniature horses, donkeys, calves, lambs, chickens, ducks, roosters, rabbits and pigs and they are all […]