our history

The first show was held in 1908 and was initially formed by the businessmen of Hamilton City in order to connect the Agricultural Community with the city folk.

It had a strong educational focus and was considered a celebration of the various skills of the Waikato people. The Waikato Winter Show also served to showcase the products hewn from the animals and land of the Waikato Region. Butter, Cheese, Vegetables, Sewing, Knitting, and Preserves all played an important part in the exhibits. There was an entertainment act, which at times included tightrope walkers, circus, carnivals and more.

Within the last 10 years the Show was changed into what it is known as today, The Waikato Show but still strives to showcase the greatness of our Waikato. The Show has been able to continue year after year thanks to the support of our Association members, volunteers, financial partners and of course the Waikato community.

The Show is organised by Showing Waikato Ltd, an event management company who partners with the Waikato Winter Association to deliver this event each year.

our partners

Thank you to our generous partners for supporting our Show.

Hamilton Central Business Association

Public Sound Company

lion foundation

The Lion Foundation

Pathos Pixels Creative Studio

the breeze

The Breeze

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H3 Group

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