What is the Waikato Show?

The Waikato Show is about the Waikato Community. It celebrates OUR people, OUR environment and OUR successes; this is a Show all about US.

It is the Waikato Community coming together to learn, to experience new things and, above all, to have fun; a veritable smorgasbord of things to see, do, learn from, participate in and enjoy!

It is a show for the community, of the community with more than 1000 people working at the show - mostly volunteers - and by the community with more than 300 organisations and groups involved.

The overall Waikato Show is co-ordinated by the Waikato Winter Show Association.

History of the Waikato Show

The first show was held in 1908 and is run by the Waikato Winter Show Association. The event was initially formed by the businessmen of Hamilton City in order to connect the Agricultural Community with the city folk. It had a strong educational focus and was considered a celebration of the various skills of the Waikato people. The Waikato Winter Show also served to showcase the products hewn from the animals and land of the Waikato Region. Butter, Cheese, Vegetables, Sewing, Knitting, and Preserves all played an important part in the exhibits. There was an entertainment act, which at times included tightrope walkers, circus, carnivals and more.

Waikato Winter Show Association (Inc.) officers for 2017/18

Volunteer at the Waikato Show

Want to be part of something that benefits the community, join a fun team and sharpen your skills? We have a number of different positions available both leading up to, and during the show where we require the assistance of motivated people like you, who want to help out. You can look for positions at Volunteering Waikato, or send an email with your details to gm@showingwaikato.co.nz and we’ll be in touch.

The Waikato Show is proudly presented by the Waikato Winter Show Association, a charitable organisation that focuses on supporting the Waikato Community through this iconic event.

If you’d like to support our worthy cause, and ensure our continued success, please donate below on our givealittle page.

Waikato Winter Show Association Membership

We have a variety of benefits for our members that come from other organisations that we partner with, including the Waikato A&P Association, Waikato Home and Garden Show, Mahon's Amusements Ltd and more.

If you would like to become a member, please download the membership applicaiton form below and return it to us.