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All potential exhibitors must apply for a site space. Application does not guarantee acceptance. Priority will be given to applications that meet the purpose and goals of the Waikato Show, both in terms of regional focus, community support, and public appeal, and must meet professional standards of presentation and service set by SWL.
These Terms & Conditions may be superseded by those provided by Expo Co-ordinators.
Submission of an application form indicates acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Standards for Exhibitors

• Professional standards of
o equipment/signage
o staff conduct/appearance
o goods/services
• Sites must be open and staffed during public access times each day of the Show unless previously agreed in writing
• Sites/vendors must be up-to-date with current insurance and Health & Safety regulations

Application Process

• Complete the Application Form
o Be specific about the list of products or services you plan to promote, and how they relate to the Show and/or the Waikato region
• Fill out and return the Risk Management Declaration & Induction Form
• Include a link to your website; failing that a site design or photo from a previous event and/or send a brochure of your product/service
• Include copies of all certification/licensing as requested
• If accepted, you will be required to secure your booking with a minimum of 25% of the total fee within 10 working days of acceptance
o Any remaining balance is due by Wednesday 20th March 2019 or your site may be re-allocated


• Insurance – exhibitors must carry their own Public Liability Insurance and must submit a copy of their Certificate of Cover with their application if their stand includes use of electricity, flammables moving machinery, etc.
• Food certification – food vendors must provide current Food Licensing Certification, Food Control Plan, or other applicable document, valid in the current year for the Hamilton area


• A non-refundable 25% deposit is required on receipt of application to secure a site.
• A full invoice (including power, etc. where booked) will be generated upon receipt of your application form. The balance of this must be paid in full by 20th March or your site will not be deemed secured and may be offered to another exhibitor – no refunds will be issued after this date
• Sites may not be assigned or sub-let unless specifically allowed in writing

Health & Safety

• Exhibitors must return all requested Health & Safety forms as soon as possible, but no later than 20 March 2019
• Exhibitors must comply with SWL, Claudelands Events Centre, Parliamentary, and Local Body regulations in respect to Health & Safety and Fire Safety & Emergency Exits; Exhibitors must keep walkways and fire exits clear at all times
• The contracted signee, or their designated representative, is responsible for the Health & Safety compliance of all staff/volunteers on their site or activity
• Smoking and vaping are NOT permitted within the Claudelands Events Centre or its grounds
• Accidents & Hazards must be reported immediately to the Event Office
• SWL reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor, staff member, or volunteer acting dangerously, offensively, or uncooperatively at any time during the pack-in/pack-out or Event period

Access and Parking

• Each Exhibitor Site will be issued with as many Exhibitor Passes are specified in their booking form or similar documentation
o Additional 3-day Exhibitor Passes may be purchased at $5 each (GST incl.)
• Exhibitors will be allocated one complimentary vehicle access pass per site for deliveries/restocking (outside event hours)
o This vehicle pass also entitles the exhibitor to one park in the designated exhibitor car park
o Under no circumstances are exhibitors to have a supply inside the exhibition areas during event hours
o Vehicles included as part of a display will require a special Display Vehicle Pass

Site Use/Management

• Sites must be maintained with a “Good Neighbour” policy, including a courteous approach to noise levels, site footprint, etc. Use of loudspeakers/amplifiers, air fresheners/fragrances, working machinery of any kind, etc. must be approved by SWL prior to the Show
• Exhibitors must operate from within their booked site footprint unless specifically negotiated with SWL (this includes roving vendors, flier distributors, survey takers, etc.)
• Outdoor tents/marquees must comply with H&S policy and on hard surfaces must be secured with sand bags or concrete blocks (no pegs or spikes; exhibitors will be liable for any repair costs)
Damage, refuse, clean-up
• All exhibitors and staff must adhere to the Show’s rubbish & recycling policies
• Sites must be returned to the same condition they were prior to occupancy, including removing all rubbish, signage, equipment, packaging, promotional material. Failure to comply will result in a clean-up fee
o Pins, staples, and velcro must be removed from autex exhibition panels prior to departure from the Event; failure to comply will result in a clean-up fee of up to $250 + GST
• Exhibitors are liable for any damage they cause to the venue & exhibition stands. Pins, nails, screws, staples, tape, Velcro, and other similar items are not to be used on the fixed walls, ceilings or other permanent fittings at the venue
• SWL does not accept liability for any damage incurred to uncollected goods. Any items left behind after Pack-down will be deemed abandoned and disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense unless prior arrangements have been made with SWL


• Helium balloons, aerosol string, and similar items are not permitted at any time at SWL Shows or one Claudelands Events Centre grounds. Any costs associated with these items (e.g. evacuations/emergency services call outs where fire alarms are triggered by escaped balloons, vet call-outs for animals ingesting Silly String, etc.) will be sought from vendors providing such items, regardless of end user culpability
• Raffle tickets and charitable collections are not permitted unless written permission has been obtained from SWL. Where permission is given the activity must remain within the agreed site footprint or area


• All electrical installations must be carried out by the contractor appointed by the
Show and arrangements for connection must be included with site application
• All electrical installations must comply with Standard ASNZS 3002/2008 and
carry current electrical test-&-tag certification

Food and Beverage

• The sale of food and beverages is only permitted in by prior arrangement; vendors must have current local licenses and observe any Show-wide exclusivity agreements
• No alcoholic liquor is to be sold or sampled without prior SWL approval; current Liquor Licence must be displayed

Site Alterations

• Special requests for alteration or accommodations must be approved in writing by the Show Co-ordinator or General Manager
• The Show reserves the right to enter any site at any time to remove any item that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate for the Show
• The Show reserves the right to revise the layout of the floor plan, or to transfer the exhibiting company to an alternative site, or to alter the shape of size of any site in the best interests of the Show with any such change advised in writing and an alternative site provided

Indemnity & Insurance

The Waikato Winter Show Association, SWL, & Claudelands Events Centre will not be liable for injuries to any person, or damages to property owned or controlled by exhibitors. Should claims for damages or injuries that may arise from or be in any way connected with the exhibitor occupation of the display space, the exhibitor agrees to indemnify all two organisations from liability for all such claims.
• The exhibitor agrees to insure themselves at their own expense against property loss or damage and against liability of personal injury and liability for property damage
• Exhibitors must carry their own public liability insurance unless otherwise agreed in writing. Where required, Exhibitors must supply a copy of their Certificate of Insurance as proof of cover

Publicity & Promotion

• By completing this Exhibitor Application exhibitors agree to their name, contact details and product list being published on any list of exhibitors used in relation to Show publications and the website, and for this information to be made available for media use in creating publicity for the Show
• SWL must be advised at the time of submission of any information provided by the exhibitor in the application that is not for publication
• By completing this Exhibitor Application exhibitors agree to their sites, staff and related activities being photographed/filmed for the publicity and promotion of the current and future shows


• Exhibitors are advised not to leave valuables unattended at any time
• SWL will provide security at the Show venue in addition to existing H3 security processes. SWL will take all reasonable care but will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to/by exhibitors

Event Cancellation

If the Show is abandoned or postponed due to any reason beyond the control of the Show Organiser, the Show Organiser is under no obligation to refund in whole or in part, any payments made by exhibitors.
Any refund will be solely at the discretion of Showing Waikato Ltd.


Failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the Exhibitor Prospectus may result in the exhibitor being removed from the show.


The Waikato Winter Show Association has made every effort to ensure the information contained in this exhibitor Prospective is true & correct at the time of publication, however, the Association has the right to change any details deemed necessary for the good of the Show.

Trade Exhibition Deadlines

• Deposit due: within 10 working days of acceptance of application
• Full payment due: Wednesday 20th March 2019
• Pack-In: Thursday 4th April 2019
• Show Readiness: 09:30 Friday 5th April
• Show Hours
o Exhibitor access: 8:30 am – 9:30 am, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
o Public access: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
• Pack-Out: Sunday 28th October, 5:15 – 6:30 pm or by arrangement