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Terms and Conditions of Entry – Waikato Show

The Promoter wants you to have a safe and enjoyable experience at the Event. Your entry to the Venue and the Event is subject to you complying with these conditions.

Your personal items, searches and rights of entry

  • You and your possessions may be searched before entering the Venue, at any time while in the Venue, or when leaving the Venue. If you refuse to participate in searches, you may be denied entry or asked to leave the Event.
  • You are responsible for your belongings at all times; please do not leave them unattended.
  • Photography – Photos will be taken on site which may result in you being in the fore of background. By entering the Show you give permission for photos to be used in our marketing or promotional activities.
  • If you are first on the scene of an emergency please dial 111 first, then tell a Waikato Show staff member or volunteer
  • There is an EMT on site.

Your Behaviour

We want everyone to have a great experience so please follow these guidelines:

  • You must follow the instructions of Waikato Show staff and volunteers.
  • As we are a licenced venue you must not bring in or take out any alcohol without our prior permission.
  • You may be asked to provide identification to prove your age if you wish to purchase alcohol. Forms of identification we will accept are:
    – A valid passport
    – New Zealand drivers’ licence
    – HANZ 18+ card
  • If you become intoxicated, you will be required to leave the Waikato Show

You are responsible for your children, please do not leave them unattended.

The Event is a non-smoking event and recognises that the Venue is a non-smoking area at all times.  Please refrain from smoking at all times while in the Venue.  If you do not, you may be required to leave the Venue and may be refused re-admittance to the Event.

If you do any of the following you may be refused entry or required to leave:

  • Sell tickets or merchandise or promoting products or services
  • Enter, attempt to enter or interfere with a restricted area, e.g. competitions or demonstrations
  • Bring in items that are not allowed including firearms or other weapons (knives etc)
  • Damage, deface or misuse any part of the venue or equipment
  • Behave in a disruptive or offensive manner
  • Behave in a way that unreasonably affects others working or attending the event
  • Supply alcohol to minors

Please do NOT bring these things on site.

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment there are some things you may not bring with you.

Please leave the following restricted items behind when attending the Waikato Show as you may be required to surrender them as a condition of entry.  We are unable to provide storage and surrendered items may not be returned. You can’t bring:

  • Alcohol
  • Commercially produced food and drinks
  • Glass containers, cans or thermos flasks
  • Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates or scooters
  • Illegal substances or items
  • Laser lights or pointers
  • Gang patches/colours
  • Weapons of any kind or items that may be used as a weapon
  • Pets – No animals allowed, unless with an exhibitor or Disability Assist Animal with approved documentation. (e.g. certification provided by an organisation qualified under the Dog Control Act 1996
  • Items that may be used for defacing or damaging property, e.g. markers
  • Items that could cause harm or public nuisance as determined by venue management
  • Unauthorised promotional material including signage, products and clothing
  • Professional camera, video or audio recording equipment

You should know that

  • Ticketing terms and conditions provide further details.
  • You consent to any image of you at the venue being used for reasonable publicity purposes by the venue.
  • Remote piloted aircraft systems (e.g. drones) may be used at the venue and you consent to their use.
  • You agree not to hold the Waikato Show staff or volunteers liable for any claim of loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from or in relation to your attendance at our venue.


In the event that you do not follow the conditions of entry you may be subject to the following actions:

  • You may be refused entry or required to leave Waikato Show
  • If you are intoxicated, you will be refused entry or required to leave
  • You may be refused re-entry for a period of 24 hours.
  • Police may be asked to remove you from the venue.
  • You may be issued with a trespass notice from Waikato Show for a period of 2 years.
  • You may be prosecuted for any criminal offence.

Tips to help you enjoy the Event

  • Be prepared, the Show is designed to take a few hours to get around all the expos – we have created plenty of areas to rest and find food, water, and seating.
  • The event comprises both indoor and outdoor expos – please dress appropriately for the weather on the day.


“Promoter” means Waikato Winter Show Association Incorporated and Showing Waikato Ltd

“Event” means the Waikato Show, to be held at the Venue on April 9th – April 11th 2021

“Venue” means the venue at which the Event is held, including grounds and carpark areas associated with the venue.