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Ticket Purchase Terms & Conditions – Waikato Show

Event Ticket Purchase Terms & Conditions of Sale

Any ticket issued is subject to the following conditions and may be revoked by the Promoter, proprietor of the Venue and/or organiser of the Event for breach of any of the specified conditions.

Your ticket

You can print your ticket(s) immediately upon confirmation of your credit card authorisation by clicking the Download & Print Ticket button. A confirmation email which contains a PDF of your ticket is sent to the email address you provided during the ticket purchasing process, from which you can print your ticket(s). You can also print your ticket(s) from your Eventbrite profile via their website or app.

Look after your ticket(s) as you would cash. It must be presented in order to gain admittance to the event. The code on the ticket uniquely identifies this ticket and the purchaser, and can be redeemed only once. Multiple copies of this ticket will not allow multiple entries. In the event that multiple copies of this code are presented at the event, the Promoter may refuse entry to all ticket holders presenting tickets with this code.

When presenting concession tickets or entering events with an age restriction in place, appropriate identification must be shown. If suitable identification is not presented, you may be refused admittance to the event.

All ticket prices are shown in NZ Dollars and include GST and ticket fees are additional.

Conditions of Entry


By purchasing the ticket(s) you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Entry as advertised by the Promoter and/or the Venue from time to time.  The current Terms and Conditions of Entry are available here. 


By purchasing the ticket(s) you confirm you have read and accepted the terms of the Promoter’s Data Protection Policy, which is available here. 


Postponements, cancellations & refunds

Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged or cancelled once issued except in accordance with the applicable laws of New Zealand. Therefore, please ensure that you carefully review your tickets before processing the purchase.
If a refund is authorised by the Promoter or required by law, any delivery or booking fees are not refundable.

Purchase from unauthorised sources

Tickets are sold on behalf of the Promoter by Eventbrite. Do not purchase tickets from any source other than Eventbrite or its authorised agencies. Tickets purchased from any other source may be unauthorised copies and may be refused admittance to the event.

Ticket limits

Ticket purchases are limited to a total of 20 tickets per transaction. If you need to purchase more than 20 tickets for an event, you will have to purchase in a separate transaction. This policy is meant to restrict unfair purchasing practices.

Changes in program

The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw, replace, add or substitute artists or performers without notice.

Credit card problems

Eventbrite’s ticketing system involves an immediate exchange of information between Eventbrite and your bank via Direct Credit. Occasionally, your bank may not authorise a transaction, based on your account status or your card not being enabled for online purchases. In these instances, it is your bank denying your card, not Eventbrite, so please contact your bank for a resolution.


“Promoter” means Waikato Winter Show Association Incorporated

“Event” means the Waikato Winter Show, to be held at the Venue on April 9th to April 11th 2021

“Eventbrite” means Eventbrite, they will process an facilitate the ticketing website

“Venue” means the venue at which the Event is held, including grounds and carpark areas associated with the venue.